I've always been a huge fan of the Peugeot 504 of this vintage, both break and sedan version. I really enjoyed being in Cairo and seeing a ton of them as taxis and just driving around. Nice model! » 10/31/14 9:05am Yesterday 9:05am

The finish does look really good! Did you use the testors spray paint? I love those little cans for their smooth finish, but the main problem that i have is that they only really seem to work perfectly the first use and then they mist too finely to get a nice even coat, and splatter a bit too. » 10/30/14 7:51pm Thursday 7:51pm

That's so beautiful in it's unusualness though! How awesome would it be to have this sitting next to a 1:18 fully bodied Shelby Coupe? For me personally $451 is kind of steep, but if I had greater means I would be completely down for this. » 10/30/14 12:29pm Thursday 12:29pm

What a great result!! On tracks I've found that often the cars with metal bases and plastic bodies do well because of the low center of mass, especially when there are loops involved. Does this CRX have a metal base, or is that just the cool classics version? » 10/30/14 6:51am Thursday 6:51am

It would be crazy awesome to find out somehow how many cars changed hands since the HWEP started. I'll try to get a list of my trades together based on emails, but I can say that my first trade was with 55Buick for a Matchbox Citroen DS in exchange for a yellow Matchbox Viper GTS-R Concept. » 10/29/14 9:31am Wednesday 9:31am